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Groovy Examples & Blog Posts

Dear Integration Consultants,

The newsletter has grown much larger since the last update. It is a privilege to be connected with you, and my promise is to only share useful information & tools regarding SAP Integration Suite using this channel. Thank you for subscribing and trusting that more good stuff will come from this project!

I changed the authentication system at the start of the new year. Old users need to use "forgot password" flow. Sorry for the inconvenience!

As you already know, Groovy IDE file system support is now live. I have some improvement requests in the backlog, if you have any feedback let me know.

I have published a few blog posts on the SAP community and added new Groovy examples.

Blog Posts

Integration Advisor: Conditional Mapping Feature

It is a relatively new feature that didn't have much documentation, but it is very useful! https://blogs.sap.com/2022/01/23/integration-advisor-conditional-mapping-feature/

Groovy EDI Segment Counter (also known as $B2B_SEG_COUNTER)

Just map the constant $B2B_SEG_COUNTER to any field and then use this script before XML to EDI Converter: https://blogs.sap.com/2022/01/31/groovy-edi-segment-counter-also-known-as-b2b_seg_counter/

New Groovy Examples

Poll: Desktop Tools Disk Size

I shared a poll with the community on Linkedin, with these options:

  1. No. Keep everything as it is. Programs having their own window is better.
  2. Yes. Reduce the program size and open a browser window. That is fine.
  3. Yes x2. I already have a Java JVM, let me choose my already installed version (For Groovy IDE)

It is still open and the current results are as follows:

  1. No. (%50 - 16 people)
  2. Yes. (%28 - 9 people)
  3. Yes x2. (%22 - 7 people)

If you want to cast your vote, the poll is here:


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