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New Content & Better Flow Comparison

Dear Integration Consultants,

I have published a few blog posts on the SAP community and added new Groovy examples. There is an important update on the Flow Diff tool.

Blog Posts

Problematic Cases with Graphical Mapping Context

If you have more examples in mind, let me know!

How to Handle Large Input/Output Data with Groovy IDE (Also published in the Groovy Examples in the website)

This wrapper trick can also be used for other purposes.

Cloud Integration(CPI) Custom Functions in Message Mapping(UDF) and Differences from Process Orchestration (PI/PO)

This post can be useful if you have SAP PI/PO background.

New Groovy Examples

Adding UTF-8 BOM to Any Payload

Handle Large Input/Output Data with Groovy IDE

Use External JAR Library with Groovy IDE


You can subscribe to the podcast on your favorite listening app.

SAP Community Blog Review for 2021 April

CPI Explorer - Better Flow Diff Tool

Even if you make a small change and save an integration flow, XML content and ordering of the flow changes. That was affecting the usability of the Flow Diff tool.

Now the tool sorts XML elements by default, it is much more useful and focused on real changes.

You can disable this feature if you want the older behavior.

Groovy IDE desktop version

Small bug fix for using playground on the desktop version.