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Flow Comparison Tool

Dear Integration Consultants,

I have released a new version for CPI Explorer and fixed some bugs thanks to feedbacks. You will see a new tool!

CPI Explorer - Flow Diff Tool

You can compare different flows in different tenants in seconds. I think the most useful time to use this tool is just before transport. To be sure that only intended changes are present in the new version of the flow.

Also, there can be times when a flow is modified in the development environment then left without transport. After a few months, you might want to check those changes & see if they are still relevant.

To check differences in the same flow & in the same tenant. You have to get a snapshot and revert the flow on SAP Cloud Integration UI to an older version. The reason is there is no other way to get the old flow data from APIs.

I had this idea for a long time, and it was already implemented by Raffael here. It was a nice source of inspiration.

Groovy IDE v2 beta

I shared the blog post about the update here. One feedback is persisting selected folder, so it doesn't go away after refresh/even PC restart. I have ideas about using colors effectively to show active script & case. Also, UDF support. Any feedback is welcome.

Request for problematic graphical mapping cases

There are cases when using Graphical Mapping is not optimal. It both applies to PI/PO and Cloud Integration. Sometimes it is very clear, other times I need to explain why XSLT/Groovy/Java is a better option in a specific case to customers. For this purpose, I need a clear documentation to refer to in the future. I thought I can share a blog post about it.

  1. I have a lot of cases in mind, but if you have good cases & explanations, I'm interested.
  2. Also, I'm thinking about the visual representation of the mappings. Maybe I will just upload a simplified definition of the message to show key fields in Graphical Mapping UI. If you have any ideas, let me know.

I will continue updating the post with cases after it is published. So you can send me problem cases anytime.