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The main goal of the project is to create something useful for the SAP integration community and learn together along the way.

Integration may seem boring to outsiders! This project is for people who see the beauty in XML, and it is for "Integration Consultants" who want to focus on the hard challenges and leverage what computers and tools can do better.

More power to integration consultant, more time to focus on real challenges!

What to expect from this project?

It aims to give more power to the power user. Any advice in this direction that helps us to create more value for the community is welcome.

Current Ideas

Why are most of the tools free?

Development of the tools takes effort, that is true. But if a tool is kept in a safe without users, is it meaningful? They are free to use because we want to share and be part of the community. In addition, that both improves the feedback cycle and the total value created.

Avoid lock-in & runtime interference whenever possible

Tools should not interfere with production runtime, they should not create a dependency for the business. If a tool that is really useful have to create a dependency, then there should be an open-source way as a fall-back.

Products & Services

Products and services that also create value will be presented, but there will be a clear line between them and the resources you can just use without letting us know. If you want to support this project you can give us a good challenge.

Personal message

Hi, I'm Fatih Pense. I'm responsible for this site and the tools. I'm the human behind the curtain. You can contact me for any error or possible improvement.

Contact me via Linkedin or fatih(dot)pense(at)pizug.com

My employer deserves a special mention since they enable the environment where this work can sprout and they celebrate the sharing.

If you want to get in contact for business partnership.


[email protected]